LIVE Topic: Women in Cyber w/Leslie Kershaw – from inside the HACKERverse

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Leslie Kershaw – 20221028 – The HACKERverse


A big thank you to our guest today, Leslie Kershaw

Claim to Fame: The army’s first #FEMALEhacker (Yes you read that correctly)
Her Super-Power: #CONNECTINGpeople

Leslie spent 6 years in the US Army, was stationed in IRAQ when she discovered a passion
for hacking into computers. She later went on to work at the NSA. Leslie has successfully made the transition to the public sector
and is passionate about all things cyber,

She is the co-founder and CEO of CYWREN, a co-founder of the Military Cyber Professionals Association, and a member of the National Cybersecurity Center.

Stuff we talked about:


The Snowden Era

The role the government should take to protect SMB’s and smaller business entities.

Women are leaving companies at the highest rate ever. Some things still need to change.



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