LIVE Topic: IRRELEVANT hollywood w/Kim Crawley – from inside the HACKERverse

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Kim Crawley HACKERverse episode – 20221001 – IRRELEVANT hollywood


Big thank you to the officionadá de HACKERculture herself, Kim Crawley.

Links to things talked about:

You can’t star waving a flag, hey I’m a celebrity, I’m here now, I get to inherit all the spoils of the tech and cybersecuity industry.

You can’t buy into Hacker Culture.

You can’t buy credibility in the tech world.

Dear Tech World, Beware of these #SNAKEOILcelebrities

Robert Herjavec:


Matt Damon –


Kim Kardashian


Ryan Reynolds


Ashton Kutcher


Russell Brand


Seth Green


Final comment on VANITY signaling. You can’t go around claiming you are an “Award Winning CEO or Film Producer” in the tech world, if anything that immediately removes any
credibility from your persona. If you are a celebrity, stay out of tech, stay out of cybersecurity, we don’t want you fucking up our business that non-celebrities have been working hard in decades. Hands off. Hollywood has no credibility here.




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