LIVE Topic: Cyber Punk w/Luther “Chip” Harris – from inside the HACKERverse

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Kim Crawley, … CROWGIRL … “Mistress of the Dark Web”
Craig Ellrod,

Our illustrious Guest today:
Luther “Chip” Harris

Chip is a Veteran, thank you for your service!


You have every Cybersecurity certification I can think of.
You’ve worked for the CIA, NSA, DoD and DEA. You were called on for your talents right after 9/11.
You’ve got at least 4 Classified projects under your belt.
You do a ton of shit with IoT.

You’ve used a ton of hacking tools.

You’ve hacked:
* Medical Devices, heart monitors, insulin pumps
* Ship to Shore Satellite Systems
* Deep Sea Cables
* Russians
* Chinese
* Government Organizations
* You’ve done and do Counter Surveillance
* You’ve done and do Counter Intelligence
* You were in the Panama Paers (I don’t even know what that is.)
* And the physical scars to prove it…
* And I’m sure there are more…

How did you get into Cybersecurity?

What is your claim to fame, your specialty?

Stories from the DEEP:
Ok, tell us some really bitchen stories…

blah, blah, blah …. meaning, you need to listen to the cast for the rest…

Future Tech:
Autonomous based security monitoring using AI, AI analytics, pattern-based learning

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