LIVE from inside the HACKERverse – Interview with Sukhesh Halemane of

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Our illustrious HACKERverse® Guest today:
Sukhesh Halemane,

This Episode:
This episode in the HACKERverse® brings us Sukhesh Halemane, CEO of Procyon, to talk about Cloud Access Management.
They are solving a fundamental and very real problem in every organization – the problem of giving access to all of
your developers in way that doesn’t leave any holes for compromise.

Check them out at:

Try their software demo for yourself, hands-on, live – Its 3 easy’s:
https://hackerverse.lise -> Cloud Access Management -> Procyon Start Demo.

Craig Ellrod, … §ƱЯfↁ4wg … “Ꝅ1₪ꞡƿꟺ₪ of the HACKERverse® (ʰᵛ 0ˣ00)”
Mariana Padilla, … RosieDRiveter … “CEO of the HACKERverse®”


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