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Our illustrious guest today:
Meghan Maneval,
“Influencer, Author, and Public Speaker driving the future of risk management, solving industry problems, and enabling others to convert risk into a business advantage”

Women in Cybersecurity is a topic Meghan is passionate about and thankfully there is movement of the needle for women in tech. Not far
enough, but it’s at least moving, and with the introduction of remote work, the uncomfortable barriers of an in office work environment
have been lifted and it’s easier to take people for what their skill sets offer, and not have gender be in the mindset of the workers on the team.

Also, the Diana Initiative is owning the first day of Hacker Summer Camp, so you should be there to witness the Female pwnership of Cyber happening
in real-time!

Meghan is a Risk and Compliance Expert. She started out in college by getting a degree in information technology, and has
grown up and advanced as one of the few Women to make it big in this industry traditionally dominated by men.

Meghan knows her sh*t, and is a must hire for Governance, Risk and Compliance affairs.

In fact, the best way to engage with Meghan, is to just have the conversation about your business, how it generates
revenue and how to best protect that revenue.

Meghan is passionate about diversity, equity and inclusion in the industry.

Meghan works for Risk Optics, and they take a different approach to risk. Traditionally risk management has been all about
making sure a business complies with a set of standards and then producing a report that the business has passed the audit.
The problem with that, is it is a point in time that looks backwards in time. It doesn’t help solve for the future, which
is where Meghan and team also focus, and that is they help with the compliance standard but also help out with how to protect
what is coming up next with regards to threats, vulnerabilities and attacks that could harm the business.

Managing risk of third party vendors, also called supply chain risk, is also important and you can’t just ignore them, you have
to make sure your third parties are risk compliant also, because they can take down your business if they aren’t managing their own risk.





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