HACKERverse LIVE Topic: Interview w/Brian Smith of SpyderBat from inside the HACKERverse

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Our illustrious Guest today:
Brian Smith

Computer scientist and veteran entrepreneur with 30 years of experience ranging from academics to startups, from multimedia to computer security. Passion and skill for innovation and for defining and solving difficult and challenging problems at the intersection of technology and market needs that unlock massive value for customers and investors.

• Founder of 2 successful technology companies
• PhD in Computer Science and AB in Physics from UC Berkeley
• Computer Science Professor at Cornell University
• Fellow of the Alfred P Sloan foundation
• 13 patents
• 29 peer reviewed scientific journal articles and books

How is security in Cloud Native diff from Traditional Security?

Spyderbat is a cloud native tool that does runtime behavioral detection of bad behavior inside of a container or kubernetes cluster.

On the side:
Likes to play tennis with his son.

Passion projects:
Worked on refugee settlement issues, reproductive right issues, LGBTQ rights issues.




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