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Jessica Lewis

The HACKERverse story:

===== The biggest problem

The biggest problem facing busiesses today is that a single cybersecurity event can take down your entire business in a matter of seconds.
The government won’t protect you.
Hiring a CISO and a squad of Cybersecurity experts won’t protect you.
Spending all of your money on tools won’t protect you either.
The criminal hackers are smarter than all of the money you can throw at the problem.
An RSA poll showed 50% of organizations spent their entire Cybersecurity budget for the year, but felt like they still weren’t protected.
Ransomeware is still the biggest threat to businesses and humans are still the weakest link.
While the government is playing catch-up with yet more rules and regulations, the attackers are subversively creating new and stealthy methods to gain access to your data.

===== Dregs and Titans at odds

The hacker world and the business world seem to be at odds with each other.
The suit and tie mucky mucks don’t understand the ethical hacking community.
The ethical hacking community is not particularly fond of the business people either.
The dregs of the hacking world don’t mix with the titans of industry.

===== Now is the time

Yet, Cyber crime just keeps on growing to a predicted cost of $10 Trillion us dollars by 2025.
The ethical hacking community has the knowledge.
The business community has the need.
Now more than ever is the time for the hacker community to join forces with the business community.
If ethical hackers can move at the speed of the dark web, and business people need better protection, then it’s high time they join forces and work together.
It’s time for the dregs and the titans to meet.

===== The solution

Enter, the HACKERverse.
Enter, the HACKERverse powered by KIKrr.
The HACKERverse is an environment where hackers and business people unite, work and engage with each other.
Hackers show up, launch attacks, while vendors show off how their product stops attacks, in a LIVE Public or Private forum.

===== MMA ring

Think of it like the worlds first MMA ring for Cybersecurity, with red team hackers battling against blue teams to protect critical assets. If a vendor claims
they can stop the attackers, let them into the ring to go toe-to-toe and prove it.
If a business person can say, “I have a ransomware scenario. I want those hackers, using their best attacks and the best vendors in the ring to show how they can stop them, all moderated by a impartial ring master”.. They stand a better chance at finding the protection that will actually do the job.

===== ROI up RISK down

This eliminates blind budget spending on products that haven’t been proven yet.
Titans reduce their business risk.
Ethical hackers find tune their skills.
Everyone sleeps better at night.

===== How it works

KIKrr is the platform that hosts the Cyber Range, Platforms and Products that are quickly spun into a sandboxed “Arena”.
HACKERverse provides the hackers and live hacking simulations.
Vendors brings their solutions and the game is on.
It’s a genius combination.
We’re hoping you will watch.
We’re betting you will participate.
Come and join us will you!?