LIVE Topic: Women in Cyber w/Lesley Carhart – from inside the HACKERverse




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Lesley Carhart – 20221111 – the HACKERverse


Kim Crawley,
Craig Ellrod,

Our illustrious Guest today:
Lesley Carhart

Thank you for your service!

ICS – Industrial Control Systems
-Power Plants

Threat Hunting
-How people get it wrong? Using vendor tools.
-How to do it right? Use your hacker brain.
-It is a human thing, no vendor tool can do the real threat hunting paths.
-Doing it right doesn’t involve an automation tool.

-Thinking about the consequences and what could cause them, is they way to do it right.
Not just relying on automation tools. Identify the worst consequences, and the things that could cause that.
Build hypotheses.

-Favorite Threat Hunting tool – the human brain

Career Development
-For Women in Cybersecurity
-For anyone actually, college grads, non-college people that don’t have $1MM dollars to go to a university and need a solid career right now.
-Learn the basics of computer engineering and networking, because the cybersecurity courses don’t teach the fundamentals required for understanding industrial control systems.

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-don’t join mastodon social…

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A Collection of Resources for Getting Started in ICS/SCADA Cybersecurity