LIVE Topic: Women in Cyber w/Alyssa Miller – from inside the HACKERverse




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Alyssa Miller – 20221104 – The HACKERverse


Alyssa Miller

Alyssa In-Security

We are super blessed and grateful to have Alyssa Miller as our guest today.

She is a Trans Woman in Cybersecurity.

She is a “Hacker turned Executive, yet still a life-long hacker”

Words of wisdom, advice from Alyssa:
“Be authentic and live your truth”
#LIVEtrue #LIVEyourtruth

She got started back in the day by discovering IRC in the early days of the Internet, and realized
“These are my people”, she felt at home because of the anonymity no-body cared who you were.

Regarding women in cybersecurity, it includes trans women in cybersecurity.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion departments in organizations need to make sure that everyone feels safe, because when they do,
people can perform at their peak.