HACKERverse LIVE Topic: Interview w/Sean Nathanial of DryvIQ from inside the HACKERverse




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Our illustrious Guest today:
Sean Nathaniel

Sean claims to not be in Cybersecurity, but his org is answering the most important question in Cybersecurity… Where is your data and what is in it?
Aditionally, who has access to it?

At DryvIQ, they help organizations protect sensitive information, reduce operational costs, and increase business efficiency through its powerful unstructured data management platform. Using patented artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, DryvIQ discovers, manages, and protects organizations’ unstructured data. With speeds of over 100 terabytes a day at a petabyte scale, we’ve delivered quick time-to-value for over 1,100 of the largest customers in the world.

The elephant in the room is that over 80% of all enterprise data is unstructured, documents & files – this is according to Gartner, and it’s growing 50% year over year according to IDC. A very non-scientific poll, but in our discussions with customers, 10 out of 10 CIOs and CISOs will privately tell us that they don’t know what’s in their unstructured data. If you agree that data is a company’s most valuable asset, the crown jewels are sitting in these large piles of data, and no one knows what’s in them or who has access to it. How then do you appropriately protect it?

On the side, Sean is passionate about helping entrepreneurs build great companies. He is also on the board of a Christian non-profit university and has
an advisory role on others.

Stop by the DryvIQ booth at RSA, instead of handing out chotchkeys, they will donate to one of many charities.

DryvIQ will be at RSA Booth S-948.