HACKERverse Deep Intel update – December 2022




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Craig Ellrod, https://www.linkedin.com/in/craigellrod/


===== Summary:
* Cybersecurity Predicitons for 2023
* CISO’s will leave if there’s no budget
* WordPress WooCommerce Gift Card plugin vuln CVE-2022-45359
* The Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC) investigates Twitter
* BegMGM Breached
* Lastpass Breached twice this year
* Eternal Blue is back, Deeper-Blue CVE-2022-37958
* China’s digital yuan has been piloted in 15 provinces – USA is behind
* December patch tuesday from Microsoft fixes 59 flaws.
* 80,000 InfraGard Members contact data was breached
* “Aikido” can actually turn EDR software into a data wiper
* Android malware called “GodFather” that is stealing credentials from banking users
* Apache has some newly reported vulnerabilities, CVE-2021-42013 and CVE-2022-33891
* Python package APIcolor has malware in it
* Iranian hackers hacked their way into the US FED’s network
* Kubernetes, CVE-2022-47633 exposes a vulnerability that allows an attacker to inject “unsigned images” into a cluster
* Double and Triple extortions are being reported being used by ransomeware gangs
* Poor Okta
* EPIC games to pay $250 MM
* NIST says stop with SHA-1 already
* Go Duck Duck Go !
* Greepy China and TikTok
* Equifax payout is a joke, < $10 USD * Tesltra and Optus breached * "F" off your website * Vishing? * Google Ads being used as malware droppers * Yet another Microsoft Exchange exploit, CVE-2022-41040 and CVE-2022-41082 * ChatGPT is here, and it's fun